Pelargonium Profile - Pelargonium 'Wildwood'

   by Wayne L. Handlos PhD

'Wildwood' is a scented leaf geranium with attractive flowers.  The cultivar (cultivated variety) belongs to the subgroup of 'oak leaf' geraniums, in other words, it has aromatic, lobed leaves and has P. quercifolium, P. panduriforme and/or P. pseudoglutinosum in its ancestry.


The dark green leaves of 'Wildwood' are variously lobed (see photo) and they frequently have a dark brown zone in the center.  The fragrance/scent is usually called "pungent".


The flowers are colored a rich lavender-pink or magenta.  The upper two petals each have a prominent, hot pink to burgundy spot with dark lines running to the center of the flower.  The three lower petals are unmarked.  These flowers are unlike the pale lavender flowers of many other scented leaf geraniums.  The flowers are similar to the commonly grown 'Village Hill Oak' but are much larger.  In my garden the most flowers are produced during the spring and summer , but some blooms grace the plants all year around.


The plants have tolerated 26 degrees without damage here in Orcutt.  While several catalog descriptions indicate this plant is compact and grows to two feet tall - mine are now over four feet tall, well branched and covered with leaves.


Propagation is achieved with cuttings from mature growth.  The plants produce seeds but I haven't grown any yet.


'Wildwood' is a cultivar that should be considered as a beautiful addition to your permanent landscape



2019, Central Coast Geranium Society (CCGS )