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> New:        Annual Central Coast Geranium Society Sale May 11 & 12  (05/02/13)

                      Part 2   Important People, Dates and Publications     (05/02/13)

                      Part 2   Images

More history of Pelargonium:   17th Century:  Important People, Dates and Publications (04/01/13)

                                              18th Century:  Important People, Dates and Publications (04/01/13)

> New Events (04/01/13)

> A book review: Geranium, by  Kasia Boddy  (03/05/13)

> LA Geranium Conference Feb. 23, 2013 (03/08/13) I

> New Quotes (01/30/13)

> Events (01/30/13)

> Nothing is new under the sun/ 1850 article on the difference between  Pelargonium & Geranium.(01/03/13)   


> The Geranium and Pelargonium Society are on Facebook.   It's time "to like" them.  (12/18/12)

> A question from Florida about Regals (12/18/12)

> We had a Merry Celebration together  (12/18/12)

> 10 More Interesting Gleanings from the Internet     (11/06/2012)

> Cynthia Pardoe at next meeting, Wed Nov. 28th .   (11/05/2012)

> Meeting,  Wed. Oct. 24th, 7 pm.   (10/08/2012)

> Botany 102 - Plant Chimeras,  Sources of Wonder in Pelargoniums  (10/02/2012)

 >The Real Chimaera   (10/02/2012)

> Videos of the Geranium Hula Dancers (09/30/2012)

> "An Ode from a peeved Pelargonium"  a poem by Cliff Blackman   (09/27/2012)

> The Stem Apex  (09/02/2012)

> A special invitation.  (08/19/2012)

> No Drug (Geranamine) in Geranium (08/07/2012)

> The Identification of the Genus Pelargonium by Cliff Blackman (08/07/2012)

>  Check Articles to see if you have missed anything. 

Garden tours in the Summer  (07/01/2012)

Jakob Klier-Austrian Horticulturist  (07/01/2012)

> June events  & Garden tours in the Summer (06/03/2012)

> Introducing  a new cultivar Pelargonium x hortorum 'Jean Byrne' (06/03/2012)

> Dr. Shubert's 100th Birthday celebration at the Denver Botanic Gardens (06/03/2012)

CCGS's 2012 Geranium Sale @ Halcyon Spring Faire, May 12 &13, was a

    success.  Thanks to everyone who added to this great event.  (05/15/2012)

> Other Events  (05/03/2012)

> New Cultivars of Pelargonium,  'Moras Shubert' and 'Erne Shubert'  (05/04/2012)

Geranium Conference hosted by the Los Angeles Geranium Society

    Sat., March 24, 2012 at the LA County Arboretum was successful. (04/07/2012)

> Jakob Ernst Von Reider—Prolific Writer  and  Pubications  of Jakob Von Reider (04/05/2012)

> New links - a gardening blog, a nursery and a website from Sweden  (03/25/20120

>  Year of the Geranium-2012 and Eat Your Heart Out-Cultivars We Don't Have

                and  Charles Rager's Pelargonium Inroductions  (03/13/2012)

> Good websites for Pelargonium pictures  (02/11/2012)

> "When to Water."  advice by Jim Zemcik  (02/05/2012)

     Upcoming events  (02/05/2012)

> "Charles Rager, His Plants, His Service, His Friends"  by Dr. James E. Sefton.   (01/31/2012) 

>  Happy New  Year    Images added to Christmas "Through the Eyes of Children"   (01/05/2012) 

>  Gleanings from the Web (01/04/2012) 

>  (after a joyous Holiday hiatus) A tribute to Leopold Trattinick     &

> "Through the Eyes of Children," a celebration of Christmas, Children & Pelargoniums  (12/28/11)

Martha Washington (Regal) Geraniums an article by Jim Zemcik  (11/13/11)

>  The Color of Flowers    &    Parade of Pigments   (11/01/11)

> A review of Joe Seals excellent new book, Central Coast Gardening Essentials  (10/04/11)

> A musical tribute to South Africa  (09/18/11)

> the  Curious Connection of a 7th C. Irish monk to Geranium?  (09/14/11)

> Sande Hooten, a wonderful member of CCGS, has created an  excellent website, , full of information about gardening on the Central Coast. (09/10/11)

> New, at last,  updates! (09/04/11)   Color Terms - Did You Know?  

          and to prove we Pelargonistas have diverse interests,

          CCGS trip to Desert Images Cactus & Succulent Nursery

          CCGS trips to Santa Barbara Orchid Estate and Cal Orchid Inc. by Sheri Willebrad

          Current events   (09/05/11)

Memories and more from a summer trip,  Denver, Memorial and Pelargonium  (07/02/11)

The Others.  Very Varied Zonal 'Geraniums' Pelargoniums   (06/01/11)   and

     Everything you want to know about Ivy 'Geraniums' Pelargoniums.  (05/30/11)

>  More gleanings from the Web in Compost 3  with active links to some interesting websites (04/02/11)

>  Central Coast Greenhouse Growers Assoc. Open House(s), April 2. Also, new book by

    Charles Craib on Sarcocaulens and Monsonias to be published  in April. (03/25/11)  

>  Information & photos from " A Celebration of Geraniums"  LA Geranium Society event, March 5.  (03/16/11)

>  Geraniums & Pelargoniums on the Internet. More Google Alerts.  (03/02/11)

Events in the gardening world on the Central Coast + LA and SF (02/07/11. Updated 03/02/11)

>  The ever-expanding, ever-more impressive Regal Photogallery  ( 01/24/11 )

 >  An approach to the internet, Google Alerts  ( 01/19/11 )

 >  The photogallery of the Regal Preservation Project is expanding.  Also, some garden

                advice from Jim Zemcik.  ( 01/12/11 )    

>  After a Holiday hiatus, we begin the New Year by exploring the amazing breadth and depth of geraniacious

    information on the internet in  Compost 1.  ( 01/06/11 )


  > The author, Anne Wilkinson, invites you to buy her book, The Passion for Pelargoniums ,

             on  her website,   (12/3/10)

      December Events >  "Gorgeous Gardens Along the Pacific Coast"  talk & slide show  Dec. 11  SLO Botanical Garden

                                         >   CCGS Annual Christmas Dinner  Dec. 15    

      A Book Review of   The Passion for Pelargoniums: How they found their place in the garden

                                            (Anne Wilkinson, 2007, Sutton Publishing Ltd.)              (11/28/10)   

   >    Points of View 4, interesting quotations from Rex Stout,  The League of Frightened Men  (11/3/10)

   >   "Ashes to ashes,"  an article by a very patient and gifted gardener.  (10/19/10)

   >   Perhaps, "The Big Apple" will become "The Big Geranium."  (10/16/10)  

   >   Article on Formosum Hybrids  (Part 2) by Annette Andersson, Sweden.  And, a delightful video (Yes, ducklings can

        be inspiring.) and garden thoughts by Rich Hart, as well as, new photogallery images. (10/4/10)

   >   Article  on Formosum Hybrids  (Part 1) by Annette Andersson, Sweden   And, a video of our annual BBQ.  (9/4/10)

   >  Welcome to  The Cyril Baucke Pelargonium Species Collection  (8/ 26/ 10)

   >  After a summer hiatus, a new newsletter article, "Ethel Zoe Bailey", new Regal images in The International Regal

       Preservation Project, a poem "Husband vs. Geranium,", an upcoming event and a superb painting by a local artist.  (8/11/10)

   >  Welcome to   The International Regal Preservation Project,, a new addition to geraniumsonline.  (6/ 30/ 10)

    >  Wayne's Book Review of One Man's Garden & Photos from our Annual Sale..Photos from the CC Cactus & Succulent Show  Videos to follow.  (06-05-10)

     > Predators, Pestilence and Pelargoniums by Victoria Shepard and an invitation (05/30/10)

     > New events:  Garden Tour, Anaheim Plant Sale, Cactus & Succulent Show & Sale  (05/16/10)

     > New history article, Comments on Geraniums and Pelargoniums.  Also, see EventsDebby's new soil mix.     (05/04/10)

     > New history article, Connections, Legacies and Contributions - Prof.H. E. Moore, Jr.  Also, checkk events.  (04/11/10)

     > The Geranium/ Pelargonium dilemma.  "Ode from a Peeved Pelargonium"   Photos from a small, but amazing, greenhouse.  (03/19-20/10)

     > Amazing new uses of geraniums.  See what's new  "In the Geranium/ Pelargonium world" (below.)  (03/15/10)

     > History article, Connections, Legacies and Contributions - Liberty Hyde Bailey, Jr.  Alsso, a list of gardening-related events.  (03/01/10)

     > Not a complete makeover, but some new cosmetic touches. Plus, the ever-amazing many facets of Geranium. See "What's new in the Geranium world"

       (below.) (02/19/10)

     > Article on Cliff Blackman, Zonartic Pelargoniums and Yellow-Flowered Geraniums    02/04/10  

     > Belated news.  CCGS members elected new officers during the Nov.2009 meeting. 

      2010 Officers are:  President  Wayne Handlos,  Vice-President Marcia McCarthy,  Secretary Sharon Sacchethi and Treasurer Bob Weissberg.

      Bios and photos to follow.  (Hint to new officers to forward some information and a photo of themselves.)    01/19/10

     > Introducing The Geranium Guru Also, upcoming events.     01/16/10  

     A  new article on Fancy-Leaf Pelargoniums, a new photo gallery of Pelargoniums used in containers, new recipes, unique additions to "In the

      Geranium World" (See below.) and all 91 webpages uploaded again to include a new menu with a separate link  to writings related to

      Geraniums, as well as, the 2010 copyright date.      01/06/10  

Updates in 2009.  Site launched 11/19/09.


In the Geranium/ Pelargonium world:

 If you thought geraniums and pelargoniums had just one purpose - to make your garden look lovely - think again.    From pesticides to gin..

Geraniums may hold the key to controlling the devastating Japanese beetle, which feeds on nearly 300 plant species and costs the ornamental

plant industry $450 million in damage each year, according to scientists with the Agricultural Research Service (ARS). The beetle,

Popillia japonica Newman, can feast on a wide variety of plants, including ornamentals, soybean, maize, fruits and vegetables. But within 30

 minutes of consuming geranium petals, the beetle rolls over on its back, its legs and antennae slowly twitch, and it remains paralyzed for

 several hours. The beetles typically recover within 24 hours when paralyzed under laboratory conditions, but they often succumb to death under field

conditions after predators spot and devour the beetles while they are helpless. More info at: pr/2010/100308.htm (by Alfredo Flores)


Entrepreneur Henrik Hammer has made a new gin flavoured with their petals  The resulting 44 per cent ABV Geranium Gin, is now made in small

 batches at Langley Distillery in the Black Country.  It's great with both dry and sweet mixers, and has a more delicate, flowery flavour than

conventional gin. Read more:

Rose scented geranium growers expect to revitalize their local economies by employing lots of people to help propagate the rose scented geraniums

that will be crushed for their oil and sold to England and Europe for soaps and perfumes. But most recently it was announced last month that the rose scented

geranium is being used to make Gin…..yes, for cocktails. “Geranium Gin” was developed by Hammer & Son Ltd. in England by a father and son who dreamed

of making the best Gin ever that could be used with crisp mixers of tonic or vermouth, and fruity mixers like juices and berries. Geranium Premium London Dry

Gin is distilled according to tradition that is over 350 yrs. old, using a 100 yr. old copper pot still, and a mix of 10 fresh and dried botanicals. The father, a

chemist, did not live to see the first bottle in stores but the son has distributors in England, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, and Switzerland.

More information at

Thanks to Jim Zemcik and Orange County G.S. newsletter for these items.


** Apparently, true geraniums are carnivorous...

When using the above link, the "temporary cookie" login is apparently unnecessary if you click on "Home" in the menu (upper right). On the home page, enter "carnivorous geraniums" in the Search.  This will lead you to "Murderous plants: Victorian Gothic, Darwin and modern insights into vegetable carnivory."  Botany Journal of the Linnean Society, Vol. 161, Issue 4, Dec.  2009.


** A new product, created with a antioxidant-rich sea salt base infused with the essential oils of rosemary, peppermint, lavender, and geranium claims to take only one exfoliating session to see (and feel) results! It leads to dry chapped skin being gently sloughed off, leaving a soft nourished layer.  No wonder we love geraniums!


** On 1st January 2009,  BPGS (British Pelargonium and Geranium Society) merged with the other UK specialist,  Pelargonium & Geranium Society, to become The Pelargonium & Geranium Society (PAGS).  The Society's  website is and is well worth a visit. 


** The International Geranium Society  (IGS): is not accepting membership applications at this time.


In the Central Coast Geranium Society (CCGS):

Inspired by this website,, CCGS members have new enthusiasm for all things Geranium and Pelargonium.

We celebrated at a Christmas/ Holiday party on December 16th in Grover Beach. 

 Join us  

Diane is recreating the movie, "The Music of Geraniums."  The current one is too long to upload (yes, even on YouTube).  However, it is on a DVD.





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