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Soil/Potting Mix

Zelda Leach - Remembrances

Olfaction -  Ol What?

More on pollination  

2017 GS Conference in LA Feb. 18, 2017

Genetics of Flower Color

Endangered Species of Pelargonium

2015 - 2016

Geographical Distribution of  Pelargonium/ Geraniaceae

Angel Rules -- Angels Rule

Unique Pelargoniums � More Thoughts

Scented  Pelargoniums I Have Known and Grown

Some Thoughts on Scented Geraniums - Part 2

Some Thoughts on Scented Geraniums - Part 1

Welcome to "The Geranium City," Santa Maria CA

Coir, Cocoa Bean Mulch, Gorilla Hair

San Diego Geranium Conference 2016

Geranium Recipes from Conference

More Thoughts on Regal Pelargoniums

 Regal Pelargoniums  2016

The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 12. Stellar  Pelargoniums (01/07/16)

The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 11.  Formosa, Formosum and Fingered Zonal Pelargoniums (01/07/16)

 The Other Zonal Pelargoniums- 10.Double, Semidouble, Rosebud and

       Noisette Pelargoniums (10/26/15)

 The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 9. Speckled, Striped, Paint Box, Eggshell

        & New Life Pelagoniums (10/5/15)

The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 8. Eye-Flowered Pelargoniums (08/31/15)

The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 7. Green-Flowered Pelargoniums ((07/29/115)

The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 6. Cactus-Flowered Pelargoniums (07/08/15)

The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 5. Yellow-Flowered Pelargoniums  (06/08/15)

The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 4. Bird's Egg-Flowered Pelargoniums (05/01/15)

The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 3. Carnation-Flowered Pelargoniums (04/04/15)

The Other Zonal Pelargoniums- 2. Tulip-Flowered Pelargoniums (03/08/15)

The Other Zonal Pelargoniums - 1. 'Mr. Wren'   (02/06/15)

(Stem) Succulents and Geophytes  (01/11/15)

A Tribute to Lena & Bill Kapp

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CCGS trip to Desert Images Cactus & Succulent Nursery

CCGS trips to Santa Barbara Orchid Estate and Cal Orchid Inc.

Leaf Form and Diversity in Pelargonium (12/03/14)

The Other Pollinators  (11/05/14)

 Flowers under Ultraviolet Light  Gleanings from the Web  (09/02/14)

What Do Bees See?  (08/10/14)

How Do Bees See?(08/05/14)

A Tribute to Cy Baucke  1928-June 2, 2014 (08/05/14)

More on the Meanings of Pelargonium species names  (03/03/14)

 Frost and Freezing    (02/01/14)

Propagating Pelargoniums (revisited)  (11/03/13)

For more unique franken creatures, see "GFP"  (10/03/13)

Genetically Modified PELARGONIUM  (Franken Geraniums?) (09/08/13)

More gleanings from the Web  Bee warned. (08/11/13)

DMAA, the Drug misnamed "Geranium"  the latest (08/11/13)

Congrats, Rozanne,  Chelsea Flower Show Plant of the Centenary  (08/07/13)

More gleanings from the Web  (08/07/14)

An interesting article on one of our members, who now lives in Santa Barbara (08/07/13:

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