Cyril Baucke Collection  Pelaronium species   T-Z                                                        2010, Cyril Baucke

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P. tenuicaule   P. tenuicaule   P. tenuicaule                            P. tetragonum   P. tetragonum    P. tetragonum

                           P. tenuicaule                                                                                        P. tetragonum

P. torulosum   P. torulosum   P. torulosum                        P. triandrum    P. triandrum  P. triandrum

                            P. torulosum                                                                                        P. triandrum


                                                         P. tricolor

P. trifidum   P. trifidum   P. trifidum   P. trifidum  P. trifidum   P. trifidum   P. trifidum   P. trifidum

                                                                                Pelargonim trifidum

P. trifoliatum   P. trifoliatum   P. trifoliatum    P. triphyllum               P. triphyllum  P. triphyllum  P. triphyllum 

                                     P. trifoliatum                                                                                              P. triphyllum

P. triste  P. triste  P. triste yellow 

                         P. triste

U    Unidentified and unlabelled on Misc. page   


P. viciifolium   P. viciifolium   P. viciifolium   P. viciifolium   P. viciifolium                                P. vinaceum

                                                  Pelargonium viciifolium                                                                                               P. vinaceum     



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P. xerophytum


P. zonale  P. zonale

               P. zonale 


2010, Central Coast Geranium Society (CCGS )