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  (l.) J.J.A. van der Walt & (r.) Cy Baucke, June 1996

Cy Baucke has made his collection of photographs and 35 mm slides available to the viewers of our website. This collection represents his photographic endeavors over 35 years. All photographs are of plants that Cy has grown himself. They represent many species and a few hybrids. Most were grown from seeds obtained from a variety of sources.

Cy first became interested in Pelargoniums in 1974. He was initially intrigued by an article in Sunset magazine for Christmas gifts. This led to his first purchase of scented leaf geraniums (Pelargonium spp.).

In the early days Cy found Helen van Pelt Wilson’s book The Joy of Geraniums and from her list of sources he visited nurseries in the Los Angeles area. He was initially impressed by baskets of scented leaf geraniums and a large collection of dwarf cultivars offered by Bishop’s Nursery in Manhattan Beach. From here he branched out into the species of Pelargonium because of their uniqueness and greater challenges. Their culture was not well known and obtaining seeds and plants was not always easy.

Cy was a long term member of IGS (International Geranium Society), serving on its board for years, and also as Treasurer and President. He is currently an active member of the CCGS (Central Coast Geranium Society)  where he previously served as President. He also is a member of the Geraniaceae Group, centered in U.K.

He has exhibited his plants at many shows in the LA area and on the Central Coast. He has also acted as a judge at geranium shows.

Cy has known many of the figures in the Pelargonium world – most notably J.J.A. van der Walt (Pelargoniums of Southern Africa) whose trip and U.S. tour in June, 1996,  were coordinated by Cy.

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