2012 Board Members & Others


Past-President of CCGS & Editor of CCGS Newsletter   Wayne Handlos

Wayne may be genetically programmed for gardening. His great grandfather was trained as

a professional gardener in Germany before emigrating to USA. Wayne was seven when he

planted his first garden.  Since then, he has created gardens in Minnesota, Ethiopia, New York, New Jersey

(there are stories there), Zambia, Botswana (the ultimate challenge on the edge of the Kalahari), and, coming

full circle, in Minnesota, and now in Santa Maria, California.

After college and a year of graduate study, he joined the Peace Corps and taught school in Ethiopia. Eventually,

he earned a PhD at Cornell University in botany. Thereafter, he began his global gardening when he was not

teaching (pre-1986), i.e. professor at the Universities of Zambia, of Malawi and of Botswana, or running a business

(post-1986), i.e. Lindstrom Greenhouse & Florist & Garden. In 2002, he retired to Santa Maria/ garden,

share his expertise by giving talks and write a book on Pelargoniums.

  WebWeaver    Diane Handlos

 Diane is not genetically programmed for gardening, considering her heritage (Irish) and the Potato

Famine.  She has admired and, occasionally, weeded Wayne's gardens in New York, New Jersey, Zambia,

Botswana, Minnesota and now in Orcutt CA. 

After college and working a year in research laboratories, she joined the Peace Corps and taught school in Ghana. 

She acquired a Master's Degree at Cornell University in botany, as well as a spouse (See above.)  Diane worked

as a trainer for Peace Corps programs, .  When not admiring or, occasionally, weeding each current garden, she

has taught from 3rd Grade to university at the Universities of Zambia and Botswana, the International School of

Lusaka, Zambia, Thornhill School in Gaborone, Botswana and, most recently, in the Orcutt Union School District.

Before retiring (a misnomer), she was business manager of the Lindstrom Greenhouse & Florist & Garden and

ran the Iris Art Gallery in Lindstrom MN.

Now retired, she is creating Clippings, a newsletter for the Central Coast Gardeners.

She is also a storyteller at the local library, a weekly event called Mouse Tales Story Time.. .  


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