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Yearly dues: $5     Make a $5 check payable to CCGS .

Mail to: Treasurer: Deene Shahinian

                                1770 Baden

                                Grover Beach CA 93433                                                      

For More Information on the Central Coast Geranium Society    E-mail: Wayne Handlos  Or Call one of the following:

                Santa Maria: Wayne Handlos 805-937-9983       Deene Shahinian  805-489-7633:

International Geranium Society  is not accepting memberships at this time.

The International Geranium Society was begun in 1953 to benefit both the hobbyist and commercial grower with useful and up-to-date information about the diverse plants in the geranium family.

Until December 2009, IGS published a quarterly journal, Geraniums Around The World.

The IGS is planning a new website.  It's current website is The IGS also maintains a Seed Center where members can purchase seeds of unusual plants at a low cost. The IGS also sells books, booklets and accessories related to geraniums.

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